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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote Userpic
1 Pie10476418366318735615 15111410476418366318735615today"That engrish didn't fix up much but whatever"
2 Thorne972027936364769269 83401972027936364769269yesterday"They made me the office drug dealer :/"
3 Khaleesi557720947241745032 55730557720947241745032today"I read it.. I think it was somewhere in china"
4 cruzr139969635898720837 53455139969635898720837today"but postgresql's hstore is faster than mongodb anyway >_>" cruzr
5 Nack397911644185192847 36989397911644185192847today"how many sons does he have" Nack
6 Saudi12277105259673 3340492912277105259673today"weistein or whatever those women wanted it for their career"
7 FadedMemory31432830142189070 2926131432830142189070today"BiBiStein: So like, never."
8 Mossad5311145737683 285179505311145737683today"I got off at around noon lol"
9 dada21056138102947903 264402105613810294790377 days ago"I see a lot of ppl into photography with public accounts"
10 OrFeAsGr3776111617793 234697393776111617793today"putting loud music before 17:30"
11 Alak2672100676236 19579604267210067623653 days ago"Sure, whatever is in the menu."
12 Shenanigan478031459371 183874780314593711091today"Because some people don't deserve politeness"
13 Elune2207428765643933 169912207428765643933today"Pie: I'll pass that on when hal9001 is around."
14 boobs402282714247 16806402282714247today"well there are a few themes"
15 GrapeNinja402770594135 1629410734027705941352 days ago"Thorne: what name do you use for facebook?"
16 Quinn2744265168153988 161982744265168153988today"Second fish to die in 2 months."
17 Snarf84874370 13874810848743702 days ago"and ihave to push pharos on it"
18 Naxh1596206956954336 136961596206956954336today"Oh then I'm for domestic piolence"
19 Dash36028172 13614392360281721448today"she's totes sane in the membrane."
20 Daffodil333854613246 1350114563338546132467 days ago"You won't make a fool of this Irken invader."
21 AvanIsBrave3524159249283453 1349735241592492834534 days ago"and i need Anirban to be happy too"
22 Hotpotat0152659084191 12348723152659084191today"then forgot to include me in the release meeting"
23 hal9001299256172373 11657299256176752373today"there are so many gaps in the staff" hal9001
24 Hadi151740423927 10349863151740423927today"don't have a say of their foreign policy"
25 Roza236837972476 100121371236837972476today"Why didn't you elope with her"
26 |t|u|x|230633552431 8974882230633552431today"l8rs. gotta start a brand new day! :)"
27 trollika33673713 873433679097453713351 days ago"They promise' tantric awakening'"
28 LilSilverBones25304922 834885725304922today"gut the problem is the job will not pay my bills."
29 anirban_23984156 73393332398415645210 days ago"LilKitten, our cat gave birth to a kitten a couple of weeks back"
30 Cy31003658 72543603100365810 days ago"cruzr: I got hacked :'( - https://ibb.co/kk1eYb"
31 Lucifer715643324 6953156433248551210102 days ago"do you want the ceremonial cane, Snarf"
32 Miaa21761956 56153122176195611712 days ago"i should write a poem about how lazy i am"
33 umbridge17633422 54791781763342242 days ago"but meh, I might have to :P"
34 Guest2480 470082413942480yesterday"oh, a dessert called kunefe"
35 xinnie1722 4212806108617225984 days ago"well.... maybe because he doesnt have friends or what" xinnie
36 Mely1935 407330534219351491yesterday"should tell us liya and me!"
37 kerbalbass 39777139191501844yesterday"oh nothing new, just butt blaster"
38 Fazer1766 340222313331766today"(っ◕‿◕)っ SuperArab halfwit"
39 Saxon 29036271442356478today"But...I thought I was the queen?"
40 NerdStark1698 257972578169823199 days ago"You're an Arab after all."
41 ThinkBig 2416527440522927today"Yeah. I mean, I could use a proxy"
42 Chmee1625 23931625234183351today"It has a certain appeal to our animal natures"
43 nimrod 2310338278861833236 days ago"now you're gonna be gone in an hour lmao" nimrod
44 OldChatter 21498561280165 days ago"wouldn't you just faint though?"
45 Opt|x 1991398582727284yesterday"Khaleesi, i hope I get blown away"
46 Roo 191117146785741610 days ago"Translation error: (auto->en) ."
47 Jet 1605260123884313 days ago"Thorne can totes possess Daffodil"
48 Joshtice4All 154813614032894440 days ago"One of the three biggest countries by landmass in North America"
49 Goatexorcist 149219472156917 days ago"You got any of my pics liz?"
50 BananaRepublic 1400152317819112119 days ago"Yeah, but as long as the work gets done no one should care."
51 HenryDelight 139929216194642 days ago"and who is going to pay for that?"
52 LInk 13494617265310913 days ago"Ganja issues? I see poeple wishing you ganja filled diwali"
53 PandaLove 12841661657591949 days ago"according to Jeff himself we never were together x D"
54 DumDumPotat0 123547193580415125 days ago".tell MorpheusChalice Bhosadi ka. Kaha chala gaya?"
55 GrumpyCat 120918938851911377 days ago"Tried to open it. And when I did the thing exploded. -.-'"
56 AndChat503 115142223319567191 days ago"Pie, ok. I'm calling daddy to give you a spanky."
57 Max 98142834318957 days ago"i cant wait to grow out a beard again :/"
58 Bangalored 8884557625610117 days ago"Umm. Okay. I resign from this debate."
59 Despacitoo4Lyf 81442206556159 days ago"I can understand. Yea, you definitely need to set boundaries"
60 mnemo 81030545541today"My parents still treat us a child"
61 Peridot 78719118041446 days ago"RagingArab: make pancakes for your birthday"
62 Rash 748460288374 days ago"pizza day every thursday at work"
63 itzsam 69135113120957 days ago"miasu: hahaa naaah actually tour guide :p"
64 Tinfoil_Hat 62811730125356291 days ago"yea don't need sugar as the milk will have lactose"
65 nins 61210148461362 days ago"and you didn't call me at all"
66 modem 594821541821765 days ago"that's because he's not very good at perl" modem
67 meh_ 5744812915624148 days ago"Merko peene se sirf aur sirf neend aati hai lol"
68 Lucifer7_ 53015244138196today"i get all my news from Citation Needed"
69 Shriya 51814414517752302 days ago"A Queen never acts like a Princess."
70 xoxoxo 510258107145281 days ago"cause all of them are basically same"
71 bow 46617303146122 days ago"Machine انت من وين"
72 GliTch_ 454180152116178 days ago"lose any screws in that carpet yet dad"
73 backpfeifengesicht 42031997331 days ago"are you applying for a green card Pie?"
74 WebChat15594 40531689196 days ago"Does DArt have its own payment system?"
75 spb 396251931403811 days ago"or maybe you're a bengali, not an indian"

These didn't make it to the top:
bittersweet (385) ach|2 (382) telatoki (371) WebChat05963 (356) Raven (339)
halfwit (326) Pia (322) Cookies (321) WebChat47689 (308) wheep00 (301)
B (282) nekt (281) oyet (274) eunoooo (268) desuo0O (262)
anirban (256) WebChat50037 (250) Guest16 (250) WebChat46666 (242) Fusebait91 (237)
Higgs (235) WebChat28294 (235) SomeOneYouKnow (232) WebChat666 (226) ninsy (225)
nins_ (220) WebChat71698 (219) bhagat (216) WebChat61245 (214) Toggle (207)

By the way, there were 529 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is BananaRepublic stupid or just asking too many questions? 21.3% lines contained a question!
LInk didn't know that much either. 18.4% of his lines were questions.
The loudest one was Roo, who yelled 26.5% of the time!
Another old yeller was Quinn, who shouted 19.9% of the time!
It seems that Thorne's shift-key is hanging: 12.3% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <Thorne> YOU ENCOURAGED

OldChatter just forgot to deactivate his/her Caps-Lock. He/She wrote UPPERCASE 8.7% of the time.
OrFeAsGr is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 63 times.
For example, like this:
     * OrFeAsGr slaps Daffodil

Fazer can't control his aggressions, either. He picked on others 34 times.
Poor OrFeAsGr, nobody likes him. He was attacked 54 times.
For example, like this:
     * Fazer slaps OrFeAsGr

Fazer seems to be unliked too. He got beaten 33 times.
Daffodil brings happiness to the world. 20.2% lines contained smiling faces. :)
Guest isn't a sad person either, smiling 13.6% of the time.
GrumpyCat seems to be sad at the moment: 5.0% lines contained sad faces. :(
Khaleesi is also a sad person, crying 4.9% of the time.
Roo wrote the longest lines, averaging 120.2 letters per line.
#Students average was 20.9 letters per line.
Pie wrote the shortest lines, averaging 11.0 characters per line.
xinnie was tight-lipped, too, averaging 11.9 characters.
Pie spoke a total of 380855 words!
Pie's faithful follower, Thorne, didn't speak so much: 293199 words.
kektrain wrote an average of 78.00 words per line.
Channel average was 4.14 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 about 8411 Khaleesi
2 think 7049 Khaleesi
3 There 6900 boobs
4 Youtube 6288 Elune
5 people 5781 Khaleesi
6 around 5357 Elune
7 because 4809 Nack
8 would 4478 Hotpotat0
9 should 4121 Hotpotat0
10 Really 3801 hal9001

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 cruzr 118173 Naxh
2 kerbalbass 85084 Shenanigan
3 Hadi 63430 boobs
4 Thorne 44491 Roza
5 B 34142 Pie

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://www.youtube.com 1649 Elune
2 http://www.facebook.com 151 Elune
3 http://www.instagram.com 114 Elune
4 https://studentschannel.tumblr.com/ 42 Dash
5 http://www.dropbox.com 36 Elune

Other interesting numbers
Thorne wasn't very popular, getting kicked 300 times!
For example, like this:
     *** Thorne was kicked by ChanServ

Khaleesi seemed to be hated too: 168 kicks were received.
ChanServ is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 1175 people!
ChanServ's faithful follower, FadedMemory, kicked about 15 people.
ChanServ donated 75 ops in the channel...
dada was also very polite: 3 ops from her.
ChanServ is the channel sheriff with 57 deops.
cruzr deoped 10 users.
Daffodil always lets us know what he/she's doing: 1245 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Daffodil is blown away by force of Pie's statement

Also, cruzr tells us what's up with 968 actions.
Pie talks to herself a lot. She wrote over 5 lines in a row 2481 times!
Another lonely one was Thorne, who managed to hit 744 times.
FadedMemory couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 4727 joins during this reporting period!
Mutant has quite a potty mouth. 2.3% words were foul language.
For example, like this:
     <Mutant> Fuck you bullies

Koki also makes sailors blush, 1.9% of the time.

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<Naxh> I know this chick who's pure evil <Naxh> She came to chat <Naxh> And started a cult <Naxh> Using her own language <Naxh> and no one suspected her <Naxh> Because she keeps drawing cute shit | <Pie> i am hot yesterday at 20:30 by ChanServ
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