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During this 773-day reporting period, a total of 1369 different nicks were represented on #lobby.

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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote Userpic
1 Milambar9229161023258124811 827239229161023258124811yesterday"You will tell us what you know, or I will turn this lamp on!"
2 GliTch_2737210171825423428 692252737210171825423428today"everything moist n thick like a hal9001 green shake"
3 nimrod1720893601576623550 658841720893601576623550yesterday"mines a 4770K oc'd to 4.4 lol" nimrod
4 cruzr184765332622920602 50639184765332622920602today"no just came out of hibernation though" cruzr
5 hal90011383411127423515416 446121383411127423515416today"Hazu: i'd be less mean to you if you played madden with me" hal9001
6 Solo9235095877726535 413305095877726535575 days ago"I take it the other Hyperion was not liked? lol"
7 raccoon284773421469614310 39195284773421469614310today"Yeah. Loads of yummy caramel everywhere."
8 Amira18466226013436 3445818466226013436yesterday"I thought I set it the other day"
9 Miaa5455466196399976 297315455466196399976168 days ago"they are like third on the list"
10 whales7878432715616 282237878432715616today"this didn't used to be normal"
11 modem85812246365211940 26419858122463652119403 days ago"mine was always free because we had free long distance" modem
12 AutumnLeaves87301840367511687 2593287301840367511687120 days ago"Did your Alzheimer's kick in again"
13 Roza4744716668315190 23931474471666831519036 days ago"I've only seen cruzr nimrod Thorne"
14 StabbySpazzOut8408222710016 214388408222778710016218 days ago"all i need is a bedroom and an office/library"
15 Hazu778936308280 20084778936308280today"Cupcake, are you ready to do my makeover?"
16 spork5135250733525942 16936513525073352594268 days ago"YouTube: Hopsin vol 2 [YTP] ( https://youtu.be/o1LO_8Pt44Q )"
17 Jilly615310116523 13687615310116523107 days ago"and everyone hates on your feet because gang green"
18 boobs638121814367 13125638121814367405 days ago"Now if they can guillotine the queen we can make Milambar"
19 ook1290209233795830 125911290209233795830today"Aarondad: are you very familiar with the diff command?"
20 sailastar3946274213914503 125823946274213914503324 days ago"Peridot: do it yourself im kinda lazy"
21 GrapeNinja1124198444964202 11806112419844496420216 days ago"I did see a beautiful 6 bedroom house in Kilkenny"
22 Snarf67973805 1178337081167973805yesterday"~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Uee_mcxvrw" Snarf
23 AvanIsBrave624998026531628 1151062499802653162840 days ago"Jilly is the beautiful girl"
24 BlueDuck455315324862 11491455354415324862today"Ok, time to move upstairs."
25 ach3145114114335163 1088231451141143351632 days ago"it looks easy as long it's commented their is no problem?"
26 Opt|x4455122718253302 108094455122718253302today"Yeah. I'm gonna probably just turn the Suburban into a tank."
27 sinecurist2360454415391925 1036823604544153919252 days ago"no need to feel shame. it's hip now"
28 willsfc433829658952039 10237433829658952039today"just put up 2 security cameras facing the cars"
29 kerbalbass2710304312552520 95282710304312552520today"same Malisient, i sleep with you"
30 joe401411802753 8330401438311802753today"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl_iAHHfUdw" joe
31 WodahS1785185719702021 76331785185719702021102 days ago"dunno dont pay that much atention to it honestly"
32 Jeremy299313742910 7631299335413742910yesterday"I was supposed to smoke and play pubg"
33 Kait2943120813162134 76012943120813162134today"I'll let you know later. Meeting her tonight."
34 c[_]103425653108 739010346832565310880 days ago"basically a mix of mordor and moria"
35 l2ory113211314495 687411321131449513 days ago"That's what all the ladies say"
36 Max21923945 682921925833945148 days ago"so you keep the population at a normal level"
37 Derek231911862563 676823197001186256313 days ago"and some random poems and articles I cut out during the year"
38 Ben157426969821403 665515742696982140320 days ago"Doubt a single muffin will really cause any real gain at all."
39 LilSilverBones5590 64558115590577 days ago"No, not "we" cruzr. You'd not be here anymore ;)"
40 Blue`Balls33502482 583233502482230 days ago"you hit like a bitch old man"
41 User136214522162 57371362761145221626 days ago"and they all look like prostitutes"
42 Aaron83792822181754 573783792822181754today"you've always just been so old!!"
43 Kore24611324923 52992461132459192313 days ago"interrupting my rape on N1ght0wl"
44 starburst`22941834 484522942454721834yesterday"he's complaining on the phone"
45 xinnie180086110321097 479018008611032109712 days ago"Was it a long term relationship kaitphone ?" xinnie
46 Mely85011392189 476058285011392189yesterday"He should take me! He is the one earning money"
47 rvzm13701716967 46701370171661796751 days ago"i dont connect /anywhere/ from my home ip"
48 Nack9482160 44489486662160674157 days ago"they should have beaten NZ in the semi final" Nack
49 Chmee28861342 4428288613422 days ago"Kohls will probably be the survivor"
50 Phaedrus15892183 394610815892183yesterday"something to do with needing free air circulation"
51 NotLemon2098 37166652287252098606 days ago"Tiger moth - so that's what those are called"
52 SarBear2244905 36913891532244905225 days ago"Milambar: he's determinedly washing your hair?"
53 cowface2313651006 27321365992621006106 days ago"And she wants to fuck me so bad"
54 MinceR1216 2669766746131216236 days ago"and that they weren't copying putler's model"
55 ii1032 2592103273340941857 days ago"too much work for poor old raccoon"
56 Znixx1036 246959931851610365 days ago"Guest1: it refused to make it past bios for a while"
57 Magsamm1141 22271324441141510yesterday"how very ungermanic of you!"
58 trollika1274 22186242861274595 days ago"not saying that im cute but she kinda looks like me."
59 Khaleesi1276 21022401276569yesterday"Or, how do you deal with them?"
60 Hadi 190835629752073527 days ago"I'll need you to scratch me a lil first"
61 Tinfoil_Hat936 1654284287147936535 days ago"yea, grated, shredded, finely chopped, or finely diced"
62 Hallucinations 1544456510574101 days ago"I would relish in the time away from technology."
63 who-ha_1150 15121150191171554 days ago"So I can look for exploits"
64 jps 1462470193209590619 days ago"Milambar -- you know I am WHAT?"
65 Bashew 1430754319335228 days ago"so I'm just draining it into a file for now"
66 Rin 140837871619212236 days ago"i wish we could fly Cockrell out here"
67 Malisient 136443711386728today"His mind will really be blown when he drink silk milk"
68 Alice 1278317270303388yesterday"Title: Meet The Activist Fighting Sex Robots (at www.forbes.com)"
69 Thorne 12731573343804027 days ago"Why is English so confused about that!"
70 Slasher 12664901113253403 days ago"https://nationalvoterregistrationday.org/"
71 xinnieeeeeeeeeeeee 124541038939947today"thought bein late at work even a single sec will ruin my day."
72 malcomreynolds_ 1097549126415518 days ago"gonna watch a video on booping the snoot"
73 shadowmm 108353582442173 days ago"PULL OUt DONT DO HIM LIKE THAT"
74 jasperdett 1042172877832 days ago"moron turn whales into a candy heart"
75 huru 102655846784 days ago"but he was a fucking smart kid"

These didn't make it to the top:
HannahPanda (1011) Tsiatho_ (975) neko (949) Lucashayes (933) steelrat_ (932)
Shenanigan (893) Aleri[out-of-order]n (875) thor (873) Peridot (869) Victoria (823)
mib_n284us (802) tricid (768) butt (766) Guest21336 (750) JRad (728)
Branden_ (695) Zenex (679) ShadowDracos (663) spb (620) B4B (611)
Lucifer7 (597) mojojojo (592) excrematorygrindfuck (573) tccki_ (571) danperteet (565)
Cockrell (554) Bag`o`dicks (554) Kristine (553) Naxh (538) caspian (522)

By the way, there were 1264 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is thor stupid or just asking too many questions? 22.8% lines contained a question!
AnimalFarmer didn't know that much either. 21.1% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was Victoria, who yelled 14.5% of the time!
Another old yeller was raccoon, who shouted 12.2% of the time!
It seems that Cockrell's shift-key is hanging: 16.2% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <Cockrell> I LOVE YOU

Naxh just forgot to deactivate his Caps-Lock. He wrote UPPERCASE 16.0% of the time.
GliTch_ is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 152 times.
For example, like this:
     * GliTch_ slaps Pennywise around a bit with a large trout

willsfc can't control his aggressions, either. He picked on others 76 times.
Poor GliTch_, nobody likes him. He was attacked 60 times.
For example, like this:
     * willsfc- slaps GriNch_ around a bit with a large trout

raccoon seems to be unliked too. She got beaten 53 times.
Kristine brings happiness to the world. 33.1% lines contained smiling faces. :)
Victoria isn't a sad person either, smiling 10.7% of the time.
Roza seems to be sad at the moment: 6.5% lines contained sad faces. :(
raccoon is also a sad person, crying 4.0% of the time.
Alice wrote the longest lines, averaging 72.3 letters per line.
#lobby average was 24.6 letters per line.
rvzm wrote the shortest lines, averaging 12.2 characters per line.
JRad was tight-lipped, too, averaging 13.3 characters.
Milambar spoke a total of 562035 words!
Milambar's faithful follower, GliTch_, didn't speak so much: 258391 words.
Vika wrote an average of 63.00 words per line.
Channel average was 4.86 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 about 12974 ook
2 there 10695 hal9001
3 think 10540 Milambar
4 would 10098 Aaron
5 people 8485 Malisient
6 because 7968 hal9001
7 still 6844 GliTch_
8 thats 6651 GliTch_
9 really 6614 Milambar
10 right 6069 Malisient

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 cry 160540 raccoon
2 GliTch_ 130946 Hazu
3 Hadi 109066 Hazu
4 Roza 58665 cruzr
5 sailastar 40558 User

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 https://bryanostergaard.com/ 41 Derek
2 http://stop-irc-bullying.eu/stop 39 danperteet
3 http://www.reddit.com 34 Alice
4 http://www.dailymail.co.uk 27 Alice
5 https://williampitcock.com/ 26 Guest23877

Other interesting numbers
hal9001 wasn't very popular, getting kicked 196 times!
For example, like this:
     *** hal9001 was kicked by GliTch_

cruzr seemed to be hated too: 118 kicks were received.
ChanServ is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 566 people!
ChanServ's faithful follower, GliTch_, kicked about 123 people.
ChanServ donated 8325 ops in the channel...
cruzr was also very polite: 86 ops from him.
ChanServ is the channel sheriff with 354 deops.
cruzr deoped 155 users.
Milambar always lets us know what he/she's doing: 5133 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Milambar throws another ook on the logfire

Also, raccoon tells us what's up with 2961 actions.
Solo talks to herself a lot. She wrote over 5 lines in a row 832 times!
Another lonely one was Milambar, who managed to hit 826 times.
raccoon couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 4308 joins during this reporting period!
Jesus_of_Suburbia has quite a potty mouth. 6.6% words were foul language.
For example, like this:
     <Jesus_of_Suburbia> i love fuck fuck

NIG also makes sailors blush, 5.0% of the time.

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