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During this 529-day reporting period, a total of 1094 different nicks were represented on #lobby.

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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote Userpic
1 GliTch_256748010740122652 63737256748010740122652yesterday"did u get ur key removed from ur um"
2 nimrod1652388471454222392 623041652388471454222392yesterday"it wont let me cancel the send" nimrod
3 Milambar783767532146715212 51269783767532146715212today""Raccoonzi's in a Modern Germany - The Way Forward""
4 cruzr182305178603720231 496761823051786037202312 days ago"erry bitch GliTch_ had look like she got booty shots" cruzr
5 Solo9235095877726535 413305095877726535331 days ago"Glitch even you who are op here"
6 hal9001121676059784514641 40712121676059784514641today"you have to at least take me out to dinner first" hal9001
7 Amira18423225813421 343981842322581342197 days ago"hyundai accent in 75 mph wind"
8 Miaa5455466196399976 29731545546619639997667 days ago"they are so lazy and chill and fat and happy"
9 raccoon22963057958811567 2650822963057958811567today"Could still be terribly boring, though."
10 modem84112214356511796 25986841122143565117962 days ago"I seem to recall you asking for pictures" modem
11 AutumnLeaves87301840367511687 259328730184036751168752 days ago"he was in the news for fucking jackie shroffs wife"
12 Roza4743716668315189 23929474371666831518926 days ago"R u rly dark or you just say that to be humorous"
13 whales6728345012966 234576728345012966today"latenight when he need. my. love."
14 StabbySpazzOut8408222778710016 21438840822277871001622 days ago"all she fuckin did was cry and scream fuck in the restaurant"
15 Hazu726131327212 179507261313272122 days ago"Milambar, my husband needs me"
16 spork4661220228645192 149194661220228645192today"YouTube: МОМЕНТ ( https://youtu.be/gxHRdIkvPfk )"
17 Jilly614510116523 1367961451011652391 days ago"hes been sleeping all fucking day"
18 boobs638121814367 13125638121814367161 days ago"Even Snarf knew better he moved the fuck out"
19 sailastar3946274213914503 12582394627421391450380 days ago"sometimes like zip lining"
20 AvanIsBrave614889425391628 112096148894253916285 days ago"why does your mouth just shit?"
21 Opt|x4353121918033275 106504353121918033275yesterday"I left North Carolina back in October lol"
22 sinecurist2267451314481738 99662267451314481738today"i'd just shoot whoever delivered the notice"
23 GrapeNinja1084147436223629 980910841474362236292 days ago"whales: but only 2 died, apparently"
24 willsfc398228318281900 9541398228318281900today"so if it snows, we kinda screwed"
25 ach265690610264110 8698265690610264110today"oh feel sorry baby i fall in love with you?"
26 WodahS1785185719662021 76291785185719662021today"oh there went my idle time"
27 Max21923945 68292192583394557 days ago"and in translation it just got changed to bless you"
28 l2ory113010824454 6774113010824454yesterday"i only go seal clubbing these days"
29 LilSilverBones8115590 64558115590333 days ago"From pollen or from a cold?"
30 Derek23126989912253 6254231269899122532 days ago"Live is a million times better"
31 c[_]96020592703 616796044520592703yesterday"you really need a connection back to reality AEthelfeld"
32 Jeremy249410972427 6130249410972427today"depends on the set you're talking about"
33 Kait26359909511391 596726359909511391today"This is what I'm currently using:"
34 BlueDuck32741926 588532742184671926yesterday"Was that the one in Fort Hood? Nadal?"
35 Blue`Balls33502479 5829335024792 days ago"so now i feel bad cause hes my bff"
36 User136173614502160 5707136173614502160yesterday"you'll be cutting yourself by the end of january"
37 kerbalbass177010367901798 5394177010367901798yesterday"why else would he like raccoons so much"
38 Ben141520516881028 5182141520516881028yesterday"Hm I just put windows side by side and don't maximize windows."
39 Kore23711291850 5045237112915338502 days ago"or wil i have to murder you if i say hi back"
40 joe28581827 502128582721827today"joe and ach BFF's... forever"
41 starburst`22821808 480722822454721808today"i'm literally on the phone with him rn"
42 rvzm12361685962 4499123616856169626 days ago"moron: give me some amaZING hed"
43 Nack9486662160674 44489486662160674270 days ago"......................................................." Nack
44 xinnie17447419111012 440817447419111012yesterday"She was asking me who are you" xinnie
45 Chmee27841328 422027841328today"they can call the insurance if you know what company its through"
46 Mely9441940 40305525949441940yesterday"Magsieee I am going home tomorroz"
47 NotLemon6657252098 37166652287252098362 days ago"I just called them stupid looking 1930's plane"
48 SarBear2189904 361037813921899047 days ago"Milambar: he's determinedly washing your hair?"
49 ook8611492 317757724786114923 days ago"i wasn't even supposed to be there today"
50 Snarf15611185 315423417415611185425 days ago"ass slappins is always good"
51 cowface2313431006 27091343982621006144 days ago"Branden: ur mom still with that nigger?"
52 MinceR7661207 26607667461312072 days ago"so how many horses are near you?"
53 Phaedrus10091402 25378410091402today"i've considered volunteering, but i didn't have the experience"
54 Aaron845772 23584472948457723 days ago"ChanServ (services@alphachat.net): Information on #Porn:"
55 trollika1274 22186242861274351 days ago"12 is too young to be on a chatroom"
56 Khaleesi1275 2096240127556452 days ago"Oh, really. Well then get a veg sandwich with cheese."
57 ii856712 20878567123741455 days ago"what do you have to prove?"
58 Znixx977 2030588450977yesterday"haven't had any with the new one"
59 Magsamm952 189011533395249025 days ago"the dreamcatcher would probably catch on fire."
60 Hadi717 188535629751571727 days ago"I come from the darkness of the pit"
61 Tinfoil_Hat936 1654284287147936291 days ago"it's finely chopped so i don't think there's a name for that"
62 who-ha_1150 15121150191171310 days ago"You need to start sucking on some penis"
63 jps 1462470193209590375 days ago"Mae changed to Arthur? Gender change?"
64 Bashew753 142975331933541 days ago"comments for video streams are stupid anyways"
65 Rin714 1406378714192122today"i like having a backup plan xD"
66 Hallucinations 1403450464489today"NSA assists in security. Not responsible for it."
67 Thorne 125815732737240223 days ago"I was keeping a stats page and all."
68 malcomreynolds_ 1097549126415274 days ago"nimrod if she ever said fuck"
69 Malisient 10923866685555today"Why would I let a woman anywhere near my horse cock"
70 shadowmm 107953582438107 days ago"get off my fucking name now"
71 Slasher 99940411121526911 days ago"l2ory: no its a custom 40% board"
72 HannahPanda 9853221464999 days ago"I know what state he's in"
73 neko 949389101283176292 days ago"it is not my judgment that matters"
74 huru 9474804669 days ago"joe thats what happens when u get a girl"
75 jasperdett719 94514284719today"moron make a nigger and put it on Kait's desk"

These didn't make it to the top:
Lucashayes (933) steelrat_ (932) Aleri[out-of-order]n (875) thor (873) Victoria (823)
mib_n284us (802) tricid (768) butt (766) Shenanigan (746) Guest21336 (731)
Alice (731) JRad (728) ShadowDracos (645) Branden_ (628) B4B (611)
Lucifer7 (597) mojojojo (592) excrematorygrindfuck (573) tccki_ (563) Bag`o`dicks (554)
Cockrell (554) Naxh (538) caspian (522) danperteet (507) WebChat97694 (473)
AnimalFarmer (469) spb (440) Nala (436) kaitphone (413) Saudi (410)

By the way, there were 989 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is thor stupid or just asking too many questions? 22.8% lines contained a question!
AnimalFarmer didn't know that much either. 21.1% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was Victoria, who yelled 14.5% of the time!
Another old yeller was raccoon, who shouted 11.8% of the time!
It seems that KittyCat's shift-key is hanging: 31.3% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:

Cockrell just forgot to deactivate his/her Caps-Lock. He/She wrote UPPERCASE 16.2% of the time.
GliTch_ is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 110 times.
For example, like this:
     * GliTch_ slaps Guest1 around a bit with a large trout

willsfc can't control his aggressions, either. He picked on others 71 times.
Poor GliTch_, nobody likes him. He was attacked 57 times.
For example, like this:
     * willsfc slaps GliTch_ around a bit with a large trout

cruzr seems to be unliked too. He got beaten 41 times.
Victoria brings happiness to the world. 10.7% lines contained smiling faces. :)
MinceR isn't a sad person either, smiling 9.0% of the time.
Roza seems to be sad at the moment: 6.5% lines contained sad faces. :(
raccoon is also a sad person, crying 4.3% of the time.
Alice wrote the longest lines, averaging 70.8 letters per line.
#lobby average was 23.7 letters per line.
Kobrat wrote the shortest lines, averaging 12.2 characters per line.
rvzm was tight-lipped, too, averaging 12.2 characters.
Milambar spoke a total of 348948 words!
Milambar's faithful follower, nimrod, didn't speak so much: 239182 words.
Vika wrote an average of 63.00 words per line.
Channel average was 4.69 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 about 11064 Milambar
2 think 8948 whales
3 there 8906 Milambar
4 would 8519 Milambar
5 people 7347 Milambar
6 because 6734 raccoon
7 thats 5723 Milambar
8 still 5697 InfidelCastro
9 really 5620 Ben
10 right 5155 Milambar

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 cry 138509 Hazu
2 GliTch_ 115147 tumbleweed
3 Hadi 89674 Hazu
4 Roza 51541 GrapeNinja
5 sailastar 34863 User

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://stop-irc-bullying.eu/stop 37 simpleauthority
2 http://www.reddit.com 22 Alice
3 https://youtu.be/QgePEO7GUtE 21 spork
4 https://stats.gentoo.party/lobby.html 15 cruzr
5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAriJDYWlg 15 Phaedrus

Other interesting numbers
hal9001 wasn't very popular, getting kicked 196 times!
For example, like this:
     *** hal9001 was kicked by GliTch_

cruzr seemed to be hated too: 117 kicks were received.
ChanServ is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 548 people!
ChanServ's faithful follower, GliTch_, kicked about 122 people.
ChanServ donated 8126 ops in the channel...
cruzr was also very polite: 86 ops from him.
ChanServ is the channel sheriff with 321 deops.
cruzr deoped 154 users.
Milambar always lets us know what he/she's doing: 2779 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Milambar sits tumbleweed on raccoon's head

Also, raccoon tells us what's up with 1663 actions.
Solo talks to herself a lot. She wrote over 5 lines in a row 832 times!
Another lonely one was nimrod, who managed to hit 682 times.
raccoon couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 2539 joins during this reporting period!
Jesus_of_Suburbia has quite a potty mouth. 6.6% words were foul language.
For example, like this:
     <Jesus_of_Suburbia> fuck fuck

NIG also makes sailors blush, 5.0% of the time.

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