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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote Userpic
1 Milambar8971138622878221454 730698971138622878221454today"I tink I will go to the trafford centre for the afternoon"
2 GliTch_266009604821023044 67458266009604821023044today"uncomfortable is not the proper word"
3 nimrod1683892611558422922 646051683892611558422922yesterday"$ git clone https://github.com/weechat/weechat weechat-src" nimrod
4 cruzr184135330619820532 50473184135330619820532yesterday"it’s not my fault cup didn’t set it up right" cruzr
5 Solo9235095877726535 413305095877726535512 days ago"all that chemistry is based on herbs"
6 hal9001127629529399513560 39846127629529399513560today"Joah: ben's sister is a fat cunt" hal9001
7 raccoon271265591372213682 36675271265591372213682today"He actually meant he loves me. But don't tell anyone."
8 Amira18466225813425 34445184662258134258 days ago"Hazu’s a good friend tho"
9 Miaa5455466196399976 297315455466196399976105 days ago"they are basically perfect"
10 modem85642243363711920 26364856422433637119202 days ago"guessing they're trying to cut down on emissions" modem
11 whales7268396914643 262777268396914643today"well, tbf, the concept of God really took hold somehow"
12 AutumnLeaves87301840367511687 259328730184036751168757 days ago"so now hes a toy boy for rich ladies in bombay"
13 Roza4744716668315190 23931474471666831519014 days ago"Leave me alone with my rage"
14 StabbySpazzOut8408222778710016 214388408222778710016155 days ago"my niece drove it home that i don't want kids"
15 Hazu764035847891 19483764035847891today"Pennywise, they are trying to trick you"
16 spork5135250733525942 1693651352507335259425 days ago"BANG! ach bit the big one!"
17 Jilly615310116523 1368761531011652344 days ago"hes been sleeping all fucking day"
18 boobs638121814367 13125638121814367342 days ago"They are all bleeders give them paper cuts nimrod"
19 sailastar3946274213914503 125823946274213914503261 days ago"you can be killed by anything"
20 AvanIsBrave624998026531628 1151062499802653162817 days ago"I would have said that too"
21 Snarf81165433656 1138037081165433656today"i guess it will depend on how lazy im feeling at lunch" Snarf
22 GrapeNinja1102169440784082 109561102169440784082today"But if you want to see a real biryani recipe"
23 Opt|x4435122718253302 107894435122718253302yesterday".. As soon as she starts eating again."
24 sinecurist2358454415391925 1036623584544153919254 days ago"it's cause when you realize you just killed 7 people you go "o""
25 ach3027105412834832 101963027105412834832today"is their need you embrace?"
26 willsfc428829428841976 10090428829428841976today"if i ever get a newer car ill get full"
27 BlueDuck407613213966 9902407653913213966today"not fast enough with the O2 mask"
28 ook857165626094266 9388857165626094266today"↖ says nimrod right there"
29 kerbalbass2708295912392385 92912708295912392385today"no you're working at a brothel, helga"
30 joe38119342562 767138113649342562today"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-ny3geJ-nk" joe
31 WodahS1785185719702021 7633178518571970202139 days ago"check those settings then :D"
32 Kait2930118912442077 74402930118912442077today"Because you touch yourself at night"
33 c[_]103425653108 739010346832565310817 days ago"that person was full of shit"
34 Jeremy294413602693 7316294431913602693today"man, I remember Z irc services"
35 l2ory113210994493 684011321099449314 days ago"You mean feels old and boring"
36 Max21923945 68292192583394585 days ago"cuz he wouldnt say bless you"
37 Derek231911862562 67672319700118625628 days ago"and scrapbooking is cheap decorating"
38 LilSilverBones8115590 64558115590514 days ago"Now it's just a boring dress"
39 Ben151624818551187 60391516248185511873 days ago"Oh.. yeah that's a portage/emerge thing I haven't figured out."
40 Blue`Balls33502482 583233502482167 days ago"that is not what i did today"
41 User136173914522162 57141361739145221628 days ago"also scottish beaches aren't exactly bondai"
42 Kore24611323906 52812461132359190645 days ago"interrupting my rape on N1ght0wl"
43 starburst`22821834 483322822454721834166 days ago"i still have screenies of jay calling me a whore"
44 xinnie179784210031096 47381797842100310963 days ago"only papsi can say that to me :<" xinnie
45 rvzm13701716967 46701370171661796739 days ago"i just bought hearthfire for skyrim"
46 Mely84211072091 4622582842110720912 days ago"I am allergic to ppl taking pics of me"
47 Nack9482160 4448948666216067494 days ago"i can't believe how many indians are on this network" Nack
48 Chmee28711340 441128711340today"then I have to sell your children off to enjoy it, but still"
49 Aaron17121339 438869064717121339today"wait was that at me or raccoon ( ≖‿≖)"
50 NotLemon2098 37166652287252098543 days ago"wow harrison ford groupies"
51 SarBear2244905 36913891532244905162 days ago"Shots are fired in both ks and mo"
52 Phaedrus13761929 345996137619295 days ago"i was reminded of my age recently"
53 cowface2313651006 2732136599262100643 days ago"plus i grew up doing the same kinda shit"
54 MinceR7661216 2669766746131216173 days ago"might want to see the doctor about that"
55 ii1028731 25481028731400389today"i also hjust have a roll of velcro which you can cut to length"
56 Znixx1036 24695993185161036yesterday"becaues i dont do shit when i come home from work lmao"
57 trollika1274 22186242861274532 days ago"<BLR-Man> Happy Saturday :)"
58 Khaleesi1276 2102240127656964 days ago"And the regular mustard, mayo that they lather it up with."
59 Magsamm953 1900115340953492yesterday"oh, perhaps I didnt post that in here."
60 Hadi 188535629751571742 days ago"her parents took her to the vet"
61 Tinfoil_Hat936 1654284287147936472 days ago"Rash: what seasoning have you got on the salmon?"
62 Hallucinations 154445651057438 days ago"Salicylic acid isn't aspirin. Jsyk."
63 who-ha_1150 15121150191171491 days ago"Hyprebole. A lot of things are forked from Debian"
64 jps 1462470193209590556 days ago"a womans body is much more beautiful tha a mans"
65 Bashew754 1430754319335165 days ago"comments for video streams are stupid anyways"
66 Rin 140837871619212218 days ago"i'mma brb gonna eat my chicken while there's no one in here"
67 Malisient 130942711385684today"What's there to talk about. Austin is retarded."
68 Thorne 126515733437240241 days ago""luk dis mia, shi a ho" etc"
69 Slasher 1138466111263298yesterday"to lynch them gay niggers?"
70 Alice 1131275239267350today"Title:GirlLove Blog (at MattSTrout.com)"
71 malcomreynolds_ 1097549126415455 days ago"WodahS-Gone: is perfect as the little snowflake he is"
72 shadowmm 108353582442110 days ago"Amira its time to squash the beef"
73 jasperdett782 103716887782yesterday"moron turn Slasher into a nigger"
74 huru 102655846721 days ago"maybe he doesnt do much computing now days?"
75 HannahPanda 101132214652514 days ago"why do I come in at the weirdest time..."

These didn't make it to the top:
xinnieeeeeeeeeeeee (1005) neko (949) Lucashayes (933) steelrat_ (932) Aleri[out-of-order]n (875)
thor (873) Peridot (869) Shenanigan (846) Victoria (823) mib_n284us (802)
tricid (768) butt (766) Guest21336 (739) JRad (728) Branden_ (695)
Zenex (679) ShadowDracos (657) B4B (611) Lucifer7 (597) mojojojo (592)
excrematorygrindfuck (573) tccki_ (570) danperteet (562) Cockrell (554) Bag`o`dicks (554)
Naxh (538) caspian (522) spb (519) WebChat97694 (473) AnimalFarmer (470)

By the way, there were 1243 other nicks.

Big numbers
Is thor stupid or just asking too many questions? 22.8% lines contained a question!
AnimalFarmer didn't know that much either. 21.1% of his/her lines were questions.
The loudest one was Victoria, who yelled 14.5% of the time!
Another old yeller was raccoon, who shouted 12.4% of the time!
It seems that Cockrell's shift-key is hanging: 16.2% of the time he/she wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <Cockrell> TAKE A GUESS

Naxh just forgot to deactivate his Caps-Lock. He wrote UPPERCASE 16.0% of the time.
GliTch_ is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 142 times.
For example, like this:
     * GliTch_ slaps cruzr around a bit with a large trout

willsfc can't control his aggressions, either. He picked on others 75 times.
Poor GliTch_, nobody likes him. He was attacked 60 times.
For example, like this:
     * Milambar slaps GliTch_

Milambar seems to be unliked too. He/She got beaten 48 times.
Victoria brings happiness to the world. 10.7% lines contained smiling faces. :)
MinceR isn't a sad person either, smiling 9.0% of the time.
Roza seems to be sad at the moment: 6.5% lines contained sad faces. :(
raccoon is also a sad person, crying 4.2% of the time.
Alice wrote the longest lines, averaging 71.8 letters per line.
#lobby average was 24.3 letters per line.
Kobrat wrote the shortest lines, averaging 12.2 characters per line.
rvzm was tight-lipped, too, averaging 12.2 characters.
Milambar spoke a total of 494065 words!
Milambar's faithful follower, GliTch_, didn't speak so much: 250760 words.
Vika wrote an average of 63.00 words per line.
Channel average was 4.79 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 about 12352 ii
2 there 10111 GrapeNinja
3 think 10016 GrapeNinja
4 would 9564 BlueDuck
5 people 8139 Milambar
6 because 7576 GrapeNinja
7 still 6455 GrapeNinja
8 thats 6373 Milambar
9 really 6308 GrapeNinja
10 right 5755 ook

Most referenced nicks
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 cry 153166 tccki_
2 GliTch_ 126253 xinnieeeeeeeeeeeee
3 Hadi 102443 Hazu
4 Roza 56599 whales
5 sailastar 38842 User

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 https://bryanostergaard.com/ 41 Derek
2 http://stop-irc-bullying.eu/stop 39 danperteet
3 http://www.reddit.com 31 Alice
4 https://williampitcock.com/ 26 Guest23877
5 http://www.dailymail.co.uk 23 Alice

Other interesting numbers
hal9001 wasn't very popular, getting kicked 196 times!
For example, like this:
     *** hal9000 was kicked by GliTch_

cruzr seemed to be hated too: 118 kicks were received.
ChanServ is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 563 people!
ChanServ's faithful follower, GliTch_, kicked about 123 people.
ChanServ donated 8299 ops in the channel...
cruzr was also very polite: 86 ops from him.
ChanServ is the channel sheriff with 337 deops.
cruzr deoped 155 users.
Milambar always lets us know what he/she's doing: 4475 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Milambar rejects it and sends The Hazu to ook instead

Also, raccoon tells us what's up with 2744 actions.
Solo talks to herself a lot. She wrote over 5 lines in a row 832 times!
Another lonely one was nimrod, who managed to hit 721 times.
raccoon couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 3863 joins during this reporting period!
Jesus_of_Suburbia has quite a potty mouth. 6.6% words were foul language.
For example, like this:
     <Jesus_of_Suburbia> fuck fuck

NIG also makes sailors blush, 5.0% of the time.

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